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About Us

Welcome Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks

Buddhism has been the spiritual compass of South Asia fasor over 2500 years. Lord Buddha began his journey to enlightenment in Nepal as he shared a better way of life with his followers.

We are highly honored that you have taken the time to visit our website for Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks. As committed Buddhists, we understand the deep spirituality of our clients as they seek further enlightenment. For over twelve years, Buddhist Tours & Treks has developed an outstanding reputation for Buddhism tours in not just Nepal, but also the rest of Asia.

Our people know the temples and monasteries. We can arrange everything from a tour of the significant places of Lord Buddha to tours featuring meditation in such places as Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and beyond. When it comes to sacred, we know the places including some of the most interesting, out of the way monasteries tucked away in beautifully remote locations.

Come to the sacred lands of Buddhism as you seek enlightenment along the path of the Lord Buddha. Let Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks be your guide on the path to enlightenment. 

The Road to Enlightenment

Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks offers a very different type of tourism for its clients. Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks offers the starting point for eternal peace within each client, with the possibility of even attaining the goal of achieving enlightenment in this lifetime.

Lord Buddha was born in Nepal, and his previous lives were spent in the sacred Himalayas.  In the sacred text of the Jataka Mala, we find 547 stories of Lord Buddha and his sacrifices in his previous lives that would lead him to finally attaining enlightenment.

The Buddhism tours of Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks features an enlightened introduction to the ways of Lord Buddha. Each trip will incorporate the principles of meditation, sacrifice, divine pooja (worship), teaching, chanting and charity. Part of each day as you enter sacred Buddhist sites, you will meet Masters and those who will help you to understand the enlightened way of the Buddha.

The trips include day hiking trips, which also include the spiritual dimension of Buddhist. Sightseeing will include important Buddhist sites whereby you will come away with greater knowledge. There are also opportunities to travel to more distant, remote monasteries deep in the Himalayas where you will trek for many days to reach these enlightened places where you will meet lamas and masters that will further teach you.

Our guides are also Buddhist teachers who impart knowledge and wisdom. You don’t just meditate; you will understand their incredible symbolism which will deeply touch your life in ways you cannot even imagine.

For many, the trips of Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks becomes the starting point of their journey to Nirvana. Here you will discover the ways of inner peace that will mightily contrast to the worries and sorrows of this world. Through the teachings of Lord Buddha, you can learn this inner peace for a more blessed life as well as an escape from the constant cycle of rebirth.

The tours of Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks are not for everyone; it is for those who are serious about a life-changing experience through the age old ways of Lord Buddha. His teaching and knowledge he freely shared, so others can escape the suffering of this world and join him in the peace of enlightenment.

Are you ready for a change in your life for the better? Are you desiring true inner peace? If you are, then a Buddhist tour with Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks will be your path to true freedom of the soul.

Come and join us for a life-changing experience.