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7 Amazing Healing Benefits of Singing Bowl - Singing Bowl Therapy 7 Amazing Healing Benefits of Singing Bowl - Singing Bowl Therapy

Since the evolution of mankind, there has always been some disorder, plague in the state of mankind. Whether it’s physically, mentally, or emotionally, at least once in a lifetime humans confront such a stage. Progressively, different treatment techniques, activities, exercises, meditation, etc are evolved to eradicate such complications. And among them is Singing Bowl Therapy. Singing Bowl Therapy (SBT) is a potential and powerful healing technique; a boon of modern science, that aids in treating different medical conditions and enlightens our soul & spirit. SBT can be considered as the alternative medicine in which singing bowl sounds are produced with various singing bowls and the patience listens to their sounds. Positive energy rises from within the soul and reduces stress. Besides, there is more that Singing Bowl technique can benefit us. Before that let’s learn about what Singing Bowl actually is?


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What is the Singing Bowl and how it works?

Singing Bowl is a semi-round shaped bowl capable of producing both healing sound and vibration concurrently. It is usually created by hand hammering the mixture of 7 important metals; Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron, Tin, Mercury, and Lead. The amazing healing sound is produced or played by rotating a mallet around the rim on its outer side. Vibrating waves of the sound then pass through our cells and throughout the body releasing the negative vibrations. Singing Bowl technique of healing has been proven to be more effective as sound and vibration it produces alters the imbalance of negative and positive energy within the soul to the balanced positive energy.



Traversing the waves through our body made of 70% water at the fastest speed of 1715 meters/second, it relieves stress and aids in maintaining stress-free body from the inner soul to the cellular level. Various types of sound bowels have been made to date. They might be different from each other because of the proportions of different metals used or their shape and structure or even size, but each of them holds a unique and powerful value in healing the soul. Some important types of Singing Bowls are; Jambati, Manipuri, Remuna, Thadobati, Lingam, Mani, Trapezoid, Pedestal, Ultabati, Himalayan singing bowls/ Tibetan singing bowls, and so on.

The amazing benefits of Singing Bowl Therapy are mentioned below;

  1. Aids in deep relaxation and Stress eradication: Playing the singing bowl by placing it on the palm and gently rotating around the edges gives a sensation of vibration decorated with a pleasant relaxing tone that alters the negative brain waves and maintains a sense of peace and relaxation. As the bowl starts to sing you will feel every internal and external positive power, as a consequence performs stress eradication.
  2. Affects the vital component of human life; Cell: Cells are the basic component of human beings. Composed of trillions of cells; The human body feels relaxed and relieved only if they hold positive energy. So, to apply a gentle massage on the cells, a singing bowl is placed on our body and played. The sound and vibration produced don’t only calm us from the level of the body but also the level of emotion and soul. Setting up greater peace and harmony in one’s life, SBT easily eradicates stress out of pressured mind and body.
  3. Bring about efficiency in the blood circulation system: As per the study published in 2014’s American Journal of Health Promotion, it was proven that within 12 minutes of SBT, the positive impact of reduction in systolic blood pressure and heart rate. It was found that the sound of a bowl minimizes brain activity, and as a consequence, slows down our respiration and heart rate while in silence/ meditation session our body might be under control but it is difficult to control mind activities.
  4. Aids in developing clarity and focus: Modern Science has discovered the importance for the brain to switch to Theta brainwave frequencies for developing focus and clarity. Singing bowl produces Theta brainwave, which is also essential in the healing of mind, spirit, and body.
  5. Balances the immune system: Rotating the mallet around the rim of Singing Bowl in clockwise direction restores, optimizes, as well as maintains the flow of energy in our body parts. Hence, the heavenly sound of singing bowl stimulates our immune system.
  6. Stabilizes Chakras: Chakras are the different focal points in a subtle body that as per ancient meditational practices are responsible for physical well-functioning and healing. And when these chakras get imbalanced or blocked, physical dysfunction occurs. Looking from the Chakra point of view, Singing Bowl plays a great role in stabilizing and adjusting the sine waves of each chakra.
  7. Removes toxins and purifies emotions: Emotionally human beings are filled with some positive and negative vibration and energy. Hence it is necessary to eradicate negative vibrations and energy from the human body and spiritual aspect. The reverberation of the bowl synchronizes brain waves to prevail upon a peaceful state and throw toxins out of the soul. Moreover, the gentle sound of the singing bowl strike purifies emotion and potential negative energy.

‚ÄčHence, keeping an eye over all the super benefits of Singing Bowl and Singing Bowl Therapy, we can determine their importance in one’s life. So, heal yourself from the internal soul, and spirit.


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