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Namo Buddha: An amazing Buddhist religious site in Nepal Namo Buddha: An amazing Buddhist religious site in Nepal

Located just 40 km southwest of Kathmandu is probably the most sublime sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site in Nepal. Namo Buddha overlooks the mighty Himalayas from its place on the summit of a high hill. Within its boundaries are a magnificent temple, monastery and sacred cave where the pre-incarnation of Lord Buddha demonstrated extreme love to save the life of a mother tiger and her four newborn cubs.



Lord Buddha here became known as Prince Great Courage because as the youngest son of King Maharatha, only he of his brothers would approach the dying tigress who had just given birth. Recognizing that she was dying, and her cubs would also die, he cut off his arm and gave it to the tigress. She was revived enough then to eat Prince Great Courage. His bones were brought back by his brothers and the cave became a great pilgrimage site.


Major attractions of Namo Buddha


1. Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery



The main attraction here is the magnificent Indian style six story temple founded by the venerable Kyabje Thrangu Rinpoche in 1978. The main building features a golden room and on the fourth floor is the main hall with 36 beautiful columns topped with bronze statues of Buddha. Inside are also seven generational statues of Lord Buddha. The ceiling is adorned with 15 beautiful mandalas. The grounds and other buildings feature incredible serenity and beauty as the mighty Himalayas can be seen in the distance.The upper roof is inscribed with the five sacred symbols of Buddha families: Dharma wheel, vajra, jewel, lotus and double vajra. The front pillars display realistic looking dragons.


2. Dewachen Temple


The center point at the summit of the hill is the sacred cave where Prince Great Courage offered his life. Here you can light a butter lamp and smell the sweet smelling incense. This sacred site is known as Dewachen Temple (The Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha). This is believed to be one of the easiest places to be reborn in the pure realm. Walk about the grounds and see Thrangu’s Rinpoche mother stupa along with eight other stupas that are immediately west of the main temple.


Namo Buddha is a place filled with sublime spirituality. Here the divine meets the temporal world in a vortex of enlightenment. Connect by making the spiritual journey to Namo Buddha as you grow and develop on your sacred journey. Asia Buddhist Tours & Trek is the pioneer Buddhist Tours operator in Kathmandu, which offers the best Namo Buddha Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour and Namo Buddha Buddhist Meditation Tour to start you journey to enlightenment.



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