A day of Buddhist Yoga Meditation in Kathmandu

Meditation practice is one of the core part of the Buddhist traditions. Not just closing the eyes and crossing the legs is called the meditation rather it’s an awareness our body requires mentally too. The mindfulness method of meditation is designed to actualize truths through daily life activities. It’s basically a holistic approach and treats life as a whole and employs a variety of alternatives to face and cultivate the mental power and perfect spiritual faculties and to overcome all the problems.

The core teachings of Buddha known as noble eightfold path represent three pieces of training morality, meditative concentration, and wisdom. This is the state where one can realize the highest blissful state of nirvana which is considered as the final liberation for all beings.

Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism at the age of 29 blessed the world for searching the four noble truths, the truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the end of suffering and the path that leads to the end of suffering after the six years of diligent meditation practice. He finally achieved his goal and became enlightened Buddha and started preaching his teachings to all human beings. The enlighted one preached the teaching with the full of loving-kindness and great compassion to his followers during his forty-five years in different ways according to their capacities of understanding.

The Buddhist meditation technique is non-sectarian aims to remove totally of mental impurities and complete healing from human suffering. The resultant of Buddhist meditation is to achieve the highest happiness of full liberation from the bondage of cyclic existence.

Moreover, meditation is actually capable of bringing an individual to a state of complete and absolute freedom from all stress and disturbance; a state so pure and free. It is quick solution in calming the mind and the body when feel too much pressure or suffer from anxiety, nervousness or stress. “Mindfulness meditation” that we can achieve different kinds of benefits, such as Purification of a being from all defilements, overcoming of sorrow, overcoming of lamentation, overcoming of physical suffering Practicing meditation is the state of true peace, happiness, and freedom from all suffering. Meditation curbs the chances of degradation of the brain. Apart from basic common diseases, medical research also proves that regular meditation has a positive effect on people suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma among many others.



Trip Details

Codeabtm-100 FrequencyEveryday Duration1 Group Size2 Best SeasonThroughout the year Altitude. mts. SupportYes DifficultyLeisurely

This one day meditation retreat is run by the professionals who have practiced meditation over 15 years at Buddhist monasteries.

Group limitation: 2-5 pax

Brief itinerary:

Time      Details
0800-0815      Meeting at a point
0815-0845      Drive to the meditation centre
0845-1000      Yoga, breathing exercise and meditation
1000-1100      Breakfast
1100-1230      Buddhism philosophy class
1230-1430      Lunch
1430-1600      Meditation/sound healing
1600-1630      Snacks
1630-1800      Yoga, breathing exercise and meditation
1800-1900      Dinner
1900-2000      Drive back to the meeting point


One day Buddhist Meditation retreat includes

  • Basic Buddhism philosophy
  • Basic pranayama
  • Basic yoga asana
  • Basic meditation
  • Breakfast ,lunch and dinner
  • Two way transportation


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