Halesi-Maratika Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

The Himalayas are filled with so many sacred places. The land here abounds with those spots where humanity is intersected with divinity. In the eastern part of Nepal at the confluence of the Sun Koshi and Dudh Khola rivers are three sacred caves to both the Hindu as well as the Buddhist people.  It is said that these three caves represent the three eyes of Shiva, the Hindu god of destruction. It is in these sacred caves that Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks can lead you on the path of enlightenment.

Legend has it that it was in these caves that Padmasambhava and his wife Mandarava freed themselves from the circle of rebirth and became immortal. This primordial couple are considered the founders of Tibetan Buddhism. The caves are called by the Tibetan Buddhist Maratika as it was here that full enlightenment was achieved.

To the Hindus, the cave is called Halesi. It is here that Shiva came face to face with the demon Bashmasur. Faced with the struggle, Shiva ran into the cave where he devised a ruse whereby he gave Bashmasur the ability to cause the death of anything he laid his hands on by touching their head. Shiva, being his clever self, tricked Bashmasur to lay his hand on his own head, thereby killing himself and setting world free of Bashmasur.

The cave features the very hole that Shiva escaped through as he ascended through the ceiling on his way to freedom. On the ceiling is Shiva’s footprint standing on the intestines of the demon Bashmasur.

Inside of the cave is a natural lingum, the sacred symbol of Shiva where we will meditate at this holy site. This sacred place is touched by the divine, helping to speed up the process of enlightenment as you feel the very presence of immense spirituality in this sacred cave.

Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks offers this wonderful opportunity to explore Maratika Caves. This is a five day experience here in the very heart of the holy Himalayas. It is far more than a sightseeing trip; it is an opportunity to enjoy the sacredness of the Himalayas that will impact your very life. You will experience a positive, life-changing force that will take you to new dimensions spiritually as you travel down the sacred path to enlightenment.

Are you ready to visit the sacred caves of Maratika/Halesi? Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks is ready to take you on a journey of enlightenment. If you want to find greater meaning in your life, then the Buddhist Meditation Tour to Maratika Cave is the perfect journey for you.


Trip Details

CodeABT-119 FrequencyAnyday Duration5 Group Size1 Best SeasonSep-Dec Altitude1200 mts. SupportYes DifficultyEasy

Brief Itinerary for Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Halesi

DAY 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu, transfer to Deluxe Hotel
DAY 2 – Drive to Halesi/Maratika Cave
DAY 3 – Activities in Maratika Cave
DAY 4 – Drive back to Kathmandu
DAY 5 – Final Departure



DAY 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu:  You look down from the window of your plane and feel the cosmic energy as your plane descends into Kathmandu. You have arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport, the gateway to the magical land of Nepal and the center of the mighty Himalayas. You check through passport control, pick up your luggage and there outside of the gate is your name on a large sign. This person is your personal guide from Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks who have come to pick you up by private car to take you to your deluxe hotel. In the evening, have the dinner and rest.

DAY 2 Drive to Haleshi/Maratika Cave: We rise early to do our morning pooja and prayer. We enjoy a wonderful breakfast. Then we drive to Haleshi by our private Jeep about 6-7 hours. Our hotel is waiting for us as we check in. The late afternoon will feature an introduction to the area. Enjoy dinner, then evening prayers before going to bed.

DAY 3 - Activities in Maratika Cave:

Each morning starts pooja and prayer before breakfast. Following breakfast is an invigorating hike around the Maratika area. We enter the cave where we feel the spiritual vortex enclose around us. We spend some time in exploring here in this sacred place before returning to our hotel for lunch. Dinner follows and then evening prayers before retiring to bed.

DAY 4 Drive back to Kathmandu: We drive back to Kathmandu by Private Jeep, but that is later in the day. We rise early, perform pooja and prayer which is followed by breakfast.  Later we check into our hotel and then enjoy a farewell dinner. Before going to bed, perform evening prayers and pooja.

DAY 5 - Final Departure: These days have gone. Your journey does not end here, as there is so much more to learn from the great lamas and masters of the Himalayas. Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks can help you to advance on the path of enlightenment through further study. Be sure to talk to your new guide at Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks as you prepare to continue down life’s spiritual journey.  Isn’t it time to set your life free of the cycle of rebirth? Let the teachings of the Buddha show you a more excellent way to live.




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