Muktinath Buddhist Meditation Tour

Located in the heart of the beautiful Annapurna Mountains is one of the most sacred places in all of the Himalayas. The temple here is Muktinath with its sacred blue flame that has been burning for centuries. Muktinath is sacred to both Buddhists and Hindus for many reasons. It is the source of the eternal blue flame as well as crystal clear water that flows from 108 taps. And it is in this place that you can learn about Buddhism and meditation through Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks.

Here by the sacred temple is an ancient Buddhist monastery where we will offer instruction on Mahayana Buddhism from Tibet. It is in the sacred Himalayas that the enlightenment of Lord Buddha occurred. There is something about these amazing mountains that created the positive energy of spirituality. Like the never ending sacred flame of Muktinath, the energy that flows from the Himalayas touches the very soul of man.

The name “mukti” means salvation and “nath” means God in the local language. To worship at Muktinath is to find the freedom from the constant cycle of rebirth and the suffering of the world.

The Muktinath Buddhist Tour is an eight day opportunity to immerse yourself in the sacredness of the Himalayas at Muktinath. In this sacred place you will learn about the philosophy of Mahayana Buddhism. The principles and techniques of meditation and chant are taught by lamas and masters, who have spent decades in study of the ancient practices. As you embark on your spiritual journey, you will discover the path to enlightenment that will lead to earthly peace and escape from rebirth in this world to the eternal bliss of nirvana to come.

The pathway to enlightenment is a spiritual process, and the Muktinath Buddhist Tour is the beginning of the sacred path. The tour package includes lodging, food, local transportation as well as instruction by real lamas and masters who will guide you on your way.

Isn’t it time you discovered the inner peace of Buddhism? Let Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks be your guide!


Trip Details

CodeABT-113 FrequencyAnyday Duration8 Group Size2 Best SeasonSep-Dec Altitude3710 mts. SupportYes DifficultyModerate

Brief Itinerary for Buddhist Meditation Tour to Muktinath

Day 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu.
Day 2 – Fly to Pokhara. Sightseeing of important Buddhist sites in Pokhara
Day 3 – Fly to Jomsom (40 minutes), drive to Muktinath (2 hours)
Day 4 – Classes in Buddhism
Day 5 – Additional classes. Drive to Jomsom in late afternoon.
Day 6 – Fly to Pokhara. Further sightseeing in Pokhara.
Day 7 – Fly to Kathmandu, free day
Day 8 – Departure

Detailed Itinerary


The start of your spiritual journey begins as your plane touches down at Tribhuvan International Airport. The Himalayas are known as a vortex of spirituality, and Kathmandu has always been the center point of this sacred land. Over 1000 temples exist in the Kathmandu Valley along with many important Buddhist sites, stupas and monasteries. Two of those places are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

After passing through passport control and picking up your luggage, you will be greeted by your spiritual guides from Asia Buddhist Travels & Tours and take by private car to a deluxe hotel where you will have an opportunity to rest and unwind from your long trip.


Following breakfast, we will take a short 25 minute flight along the backbone of the mighty Himalayas to reach the beautiful lakeside city of Pokhara. It’s a great flight and you will be impressed when you see the amazing beauty of the lake which reflects the snowcapped peaks of the Annapurnas. We check into our deluxe hotel, and then travel to see the Buddhust World Peace Stupa as well as the monastery of Matepani Gumba. There will be time to enjoy the beauty of the region. In the afternoon you will receive the first of your classes on Buddhism philosophy, teaching and meditation. In the evening enjoy dinner, followed by evening prayers before retiring for the night.


We fly from Pokhara for a short 40 minute flight to Jomsom. This is the principle village deep within the Annapurna Mountains. From here, we take a two hour ride to reach the sacred place of Muktinath. The Buddhists refer to the valley here as Chumig Gyatsa which means “Hundred Waters”. This is the life-giving, pure waters that flow through the region. This is also the home of Dakinis, the goddess who is known in English as The Sky Dancers and is considered one of 24 Tantric places. To the Buddhists, they understand that Mukti is a manifestation of Avalokitesvara.

We will stay at a guest house in Muktinath. We will have instruction in meditation and chanting in the afternoon. In the evening, enjoy dinner and then perform your prayers before retiring for sleep.


The morning always begins with morning prayers and pooja as we prepare our mind for the day. After breakfast are classes in Buddhist teachings. These are followed by instruction on meditation and chant. The area around Muktinath is home to several Buddhist monasteries. There are several important Buddhist monasteries that surround Muktinath. There are also incredible views of Mt. Nilgiri Himal and Mt. Dhaulagiri. The latter is the 7th highest mountain in the world. Rising to an elevation of 8,167 meters, it is a majestic peak that glimmers in the bright Himalayan sun.

After our classes is dinner at the local guest house, followed by evening prayers before going to bed.


As we have been learning, each morning we rise and perform prayers and pooja (worship) before breakfast. Once we have provided for spiritual food and then food for the body, it is time for sightseeing around Muktinath. We perform meditation in our classes, becoming more proficient under the guidance of the master. We have additional instruction in Buddhist teachings. We drive to Jomsom where we check into our hotel. Dinner is next, followed by our evening prayers.


We leave Jomsom in the morning for the 40 minute flight back to Pokhara. Once we land, we check back into our hotel and then begin doing some tours of the city. There is Devi Falls that roars into a box canyon before it disappears underground. We will visit the Hemja Tibetan Refugee Camp and other important places in and around the lakeside city. In the evening, we retire to our hotel for dinner followed be evening prayers.


It’s time to return to Kathmandu, and we enjoy a 30 minute flight over the mountains. Once you return to Kathmandu, you are on your own as it’s a free day to explore the city. Practice meditation, read a book in the roof garden of your hotel or discover the sacredness of Kathmandu. In the evening, enjoy a farewell dinner. Return to your hotel for the night, performing prayers before going to bed.


Your trip has come to an end, but your spiritual journey has not. There is so much more to learn on the road to enlightenment. Your spiritual guide at Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks can offer you additional programs to advance your study in not only Nepal, but also such exotic places at Tibet and Bhutan. Ask about these options before leaving for your next destination.

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