Namo Buddha Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

One of the most sacred places in Nepal is the beautiful place called Namo Buddha. Lord Buddha in a previous life was a prince here who sacrificed his life to feed a starving tigress who had just given birth to several cubs. The tigress lay dying after delivery her cubs because she lacked food. The future Lord Buddha demonstrated his willingness to sacrifice himself in compassion for a fellow creature. It is clear from this experience that the future Buddha was already on the Buddhist road to Nirvana.

Known as Thrangu Monastery, the location of Namo Buddha is on top of a hill that offers superb views of the Himalayas. The Namo Buddha Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour features hiking in the foothills of the Himalayas. The region of Namo Buddha offers fresh mountain air along with its magnificent views. The spirituality of Thrangu Monastery will touch your mind. You will enter into the sacred cave where the ultimate sacrifice of the future Lord Buddha was performed.

Light a butter lamp, perform a pooja and participate in a life-altering experience as you begin the path of the Buddha toward enlightenment.

Tour Highlights Include:

Sightseeing and hiking tour around the holiest Buddha shrine of Namo Buddha


Trip Details

CodeABT-114 FrequencyAnyday Duration6 Group Size2 Best SeasonThroughout the year Altitude1750 mts. SupportYes DifficultyEasy

Brief Itinerary for Namo Buddha Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

DAY 1 – Arrival in Kathmandu with night at a deluxe hotel
DAY 2 – Drive to Namo Buddha, spending night at a hotel
DAY 3 – Activities at Namo Buddha
DAY 4 – Short hike to Fulbari Resort, Return to Kathmandu
DAY 5 – Return to Kathmandu
DAY 6 – Departure


Detailed Itinerary


As you cross over the ancient Himalayas on your way to Tribhuvan International Airport, you are no doubt feeling the presence of deep spirituality. The Himalayas have long been considered a sacred place, and everyone who ever comes into contact with these impressive mountains finds themselves feeling a higher plane of spirituality.  Kathmandu is the very vortex of this ancient spirituality as the Valley contains over 1000 temples. Deplane, collect your luggage and meet your new guide from Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks who will take you to your deluxe hotel to prepare your mind and body for this ultimate of spiritual experiences.


Rise for a good breakfast before your guide will soon arrive and take you by private car 50 km to Namo Buddha. Located northeast of Kathmandu, we cross the Valley ridge to enter this center of deep spirituality. It is a pleasant trip as you leave the busyness of the Valley behind. Crossing to the top of the ridge at Dhulikhel, you behold the snowcapped peaks of the Himalayas to the north. We continue on until we reach Namo Buddha. We first check into the hotel to get refreshed and then spend this day becoming oriented with the hilltop of the Thrangu Monastery. See the Tiger’s Cave where the future Lord Buddha made the ultimate sacrifice as well as other sightseeing around Namo Buddha. Return to your hotel and perform prayers before dinner.


Today you start your spiritual activities at Namo Buddha. Yesterday you were the visitor; today you are immersing yourself in the depths of spirituality. We begin early morning with sacred prayers and performing a pooja (worship). This is followed by breakfast. Do sightseeing around Namo Buddha during the day.

In the evening, enjoy dinner and then spend time in prayer before going to bed.


An important part of your training is being outdoors to commune with nature. It is here in the peacefulness of the Himalayas that you can feel the spirituality of the region touch you. These mountains have shaped Tibetan Buddhism in such unique ways as monks and nuns have meditated bringing inner peace. These mountains promote such inner peace that transcends all understanding.

The morning begins with prayers and pooja, followed by breakfast. After breakfast, hike to Fulbari Resort (a one hour journey), enjoying the serenity of the alpine views that abound. There will be time to explore the resort before returning to Namo Buddha. Once your return, prepare for dinner. Following dinner is time for more prayer that brings you closer to the divine before going to bed.


Rise early in the morning as you do your pooja and prayers which is followed by breakfast. Once we have lunch, we say goodbye to Namo Buddha as we head back to Kathmandu for the night. We will check into the Hotel where we will have dinner, meditation and prayer before enjoying our final night of rest in Kathmandu.


Your time in Kathmandu is now coming to a close. But before you go back into the world, be sure to talk with your representative at Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks about other Buddhist tours. There are so many places to deepen your spirituality in Nepal and beyond. And of course, it is important to visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. So take some time to learn the options as you strive to increase your spiritual walk on the right path of enlightenment.

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