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Buddhist Pilgrimage & Meditation Tour in Asia

Your Journey To Enlightment

Nepal, the land of the Himalayas is known for its immense spirituality. It is here that Lord Gautama became Lord Buddha and the founder of Buddhism. It was in these mountain lands that Buddhism spread. The incredible beauty of the world's highest mountains combined with the solitude it holds has offered pilgrims amazing opportunities to meditate and draw closer to one's spiritual roots for thousands of years.

For over twelve years, Asia Buddhist Tours and Treks has been a pioneer in Buddhist tours and trekking in Asia. We have intimate knowledge of Nepal and Bhutan, two amazing lands within the Himalayas. It was in Nepal that Lord Buddha was born and where he began his path toward enlightenment. The same amazing paths are here today for people to rediscover the vast spiritual enlightenment to overcome the void within their lives.

Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks is different than most companies offering Buddhist tours. The difference is that this company is owned and operated by a practicing Buddhist who knows and understands the benefits of this ancient religious practice. The entire staff are practicing Buddhists who know the principles of meditation, perform pooja (worship) and do pilgrimages. And they delight in sharing this divine knowledge with their clients as they move forward on their spiritual journeys. Each trip combines amazing scenery and activity with meditation principles, divine pooja, teachings, chanting and charity. There are opportunities to learn about and even try your hand at the ancient practice of Thangka painting. Experience the magic of a traditional Tibetan singing bowl with its therapeutic tones that bring amazing healing. Meet gurus and lamas, the real masters in traditional Buddhism. Also, we offers opportunities for trekking in the Himalayas where you can visit ancient monasteries. There are opportunities for seeing wildlife as well as immersing yourself in the amazing culture of the Himalayas. You can even do adventure sports like bungee jumping, whitewater rafting, paragliding and more.

We are the ideal company for your trip to the amazing Himalayas. And we are the only company that can truly unite spirituality with adventure in the most beautiful lands in the world. Come and join us!