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+9779851001832 (WhatsApp/Viber) info@asiabuddhisttours.com J.P Road, Thamel, Kathmandu

Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks P. Ltd.

Serving Nepal’s Tourism Industry since 2007

Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks P. Ltd. has been serving Nepal’s tourism industry since 2007. Its office is located in Kathmandu- Thamel precisely- the capital city of Nepal.

Previously, Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks P. Ltd. existed under the name ‘Swiss Nepal Family Trekking & Expedition’. It seemed only appropriate to name the new company after Buddha, who was born in Nepal. Buddhism has been the most valuable gift Nepal has given to the world, as it embodies the message of peace, harmony and enlightenment.

Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks is currently run by the same team of trekking and tour guides who have a proven track record. Mr. Kishan Gurung is the founder of the company. Our ethnically diverse field guides and office staff are competitive, highly qualified, friendly and trustworthy.

Because of our extensive and reliable local network, our operation currently focuses on four Himalayan countries in South Asia: Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. We offer all travel related services under one roof, be it mountaineering, trekking, rafting, jungle safari, romantic vacations or Buddhist pilgrimage tours, bird watching, nature exploration and so on. Air tickets, bus and train travel and private vehicle hire are also arranged by us upon request or as part of a package program.

Our programs are designed based on our in-depth knowledge about local culture and attractions as well as regulations. We offer both customized itineraries and popular packages depending upon your choice. So whether you are travelling with kids or older citizens or you are a solo traveller, we make it fit easily to your requirements.

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Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks P. Ltd has no greater ambition than to become the most reliable and reachable tour and adventure company in Nepal and in South Asia. Our aim is to connect as many travelers as possible through our network.


Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks is a small, independent guide-operated company based in Nepal and we take pride in it. We would like to grow our services so we can assist international travelers from all over the world to fulfill their dream of travelling in the Himalayas. To achieve this we will continue to provide professional, trustworthy and personalized services to our clients, increase the quality of our services by innovation and ideas and promote travel and exploration as a path to realizing peace and prosperity among humanity.

Sustainable Tourism

At Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks, we practice sustainable tourism. Every program we operate has been based on three principles of sustainable or ecotourism: conserving the environment, promoting local culture and contributing to the economy.

This is exactly why we tend to promote ethnic and gender diversity in our workplace, provide professional training to improve the performance of our staff, follow ethical and environmental principles when visiting a host destination, promoting local culture and employment and focusing on quality tourism rather than quantity.

We take utmost care when visiting villages, natural protected areas and parks, mountains and glaciers, wetland areas etc. We also make sure that our staff, especially our guides are well trained and well paid and well insured for their work.

Save the Tree, Save the Environment

Global Warming and Climate Change are two burning issues in the global tourism industry. We firmly follow the motto “Save the Tree, Save the Environment”. We discourage our clients not to use plastics during trips, dispose of garbage at proper places, use solar powered showers in trekking areas and refrain from polluting rivers. We also actively participate in local and national awareness building programs about preserving the environment with national and international NGOs and community groups.

Being a responsible travel company, we are a member of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal, Kathmandu Environmental Education Project, Village Tourism Promotion Forum, Nepal Mountaineering Association and Sustainable Tourism Unit (Nepal Tourism Board).

Why travel with us?

Your decision to spend vacation and\or trek in the Himalayas must be the most exciting as well as challenging task ahead for you. But how do you go about choosing the best adventure company for realizing your travel plans?

Here at Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks, we have long years of experience assisting travelers like you from around the world. Our patrons and clients choose us basically for the following reasons:

1. Safety

Travelling in the Himalayas is definitely not a sea-sun-sand experience. It demands high preparedness and knowledge on the part of the clients and this is where we come in. Asia Buddhist Tours and Treks places the safety of our clients at all times as the first priority. That is why take utmost care from designing an itinerary that matches your interests and physical ability, selecting skilled guides, ensuring mountain rescue mechanisms to issues such as local weather, geography, health and hygienic food. Our programs carry safety precaution protocols at every level.

2. Personalized professional service

Our guides and office staff have one underlying service goal: to make you feel at home when you are travelling with us. To this end, we solely focus on providing personalized services to every client. Our clients are not numbers for us, you are our friend! So we treat you as one of our own. We are available at your service 24/7. At the same time we make sure that we conduct in the spirit of professionalism so our clients can trust us to deliver the services on time and as requested. We have guides who are fluent in many world languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese etc.

3.   Local knowledge and expertise

The staff at Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks comprises an ethnically and geographically diverse team of local guides, cooks, Sherpas, tour guides and administrative personnel. They all have gained years of experience and knowledge in their related field. They know the geography, culture, environment and socio-political dynamics making them the perfect choice for guiding you in the rough often challenging terrain of Himalayas. All our staff are trained and certified by the government of Nepal and hold wide travelling and research experience in the Himalayan region.

4. Responsible Tourism- Helping environment and local community

Responsible tourism is something we are committed to wholeheartedly in all our operations. We are part of a growing Sustainable Tourism Network in Nepal and have been incorporating best practices within our programs and services. We always brief our clients about the local environment, cultural values and organic tourism and passionately discourage them from using plastics. Our field guides are adept at following environmental practices (Refuse, Reuse, Recycle) in outdoor settings such as carrying out proper disposal of garbage in Himalayan region.

At the other end of our responsible tourism practices is helping the local community by providing them with employment opportunities, buying local products from farmers and indigenous craftsmen, supporting schools and community projects and imparting awareness building training.

5. Qualitative and Affordable

The programs and services offered by Asia Buddhist Tours & Treks are both qualitative and dependable. We only deal in services and programs that we are expert at and that we can fully deliver. In that sense, our clients can completely rely and depend on our commitments. Also, with a view to cater to tourists of all interests, we have made our programs relatively affordable. However, we do not compromise on the standards and quality of the services we offer. So affordability comes with a strong sense of customer satisfaction and standards.