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7 Amazing Benefits of Buddhist Meditation

“Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.” – Buddha.

Meditative practice lies at the heart of the Buddhist traditions. Meditation does not mean only to sit with legs crossed and eyes closed but one has to understand that in every moment one can practice what is known as awareness, heedful from moment to moment with bodily, verbal and mental actions. The mindfulness method of meditation is designed to actualize the truths through daily activities of life. Mindfulness meditation is basically a holistic approach. It treats life as a whole and employs a variety of alternatives to face and cultivate the mental power and perfect spiritual faculties and to overcome all problems. The core teaching of the Buddha is called “Noble Eightfold Path” which represents the three training in morality, meditative concentration and wisdom. This is the only way to practice contemplation, securely supported by virtue and that wisdom can arise dispelling the darkness of ignorance. Having exhausted all defilements, one can realize the highest blissful state of Nirvana which is the final liberation for all beings.

Prince Siddhattha Gautam renounced the world at the age of 29, for searching the Four Noble Truths which comprises the truth of suffering, the cause of suffering, the end of suffering, and the path that leads to the end of suffering. After six years of penance, through diligent meditation practice, He achieved his final goal and became Supremely Enlightened Buddha and started preaching his teaching to all human beings. The Enlightened One preached the teaching full of Loving-kindness and Great Compassion to his followers during forty five years in different ways according to their capacities of understanding. Apart from the doctrinal aspect, Buddhism includes its own ethical, social, political and economic theory in order to bring the followers on the path leading to the cessation of suffering.

The Buddhist meditation technique is non-sectarian, it aims to remove totally of the mental impurities and complete healing from human suffering. The result of Buddhist meditation is to achieve the highest happiness of full liberation from the bondages of cyclic or empirical existence.

Benefits of Buddhist Meditation has been listed below:

  1. Buddhist meditation helps us in many ways, from simple relaxation to freedom, from suffering to full liberation of mind. Through meditation, one is able to purify one’s mind, overcome mental suffering, and attain the right path by which to live one’s life.
  2. Moreover, meditation is actually capable of bringing an individual to a state of complete and absolute freedom from all stress and disturbance; a state so pure and free that one will never suffer from doubt or uncertainty about what is truly beneficial.
  3. Regular meditation helps a person keep sudden negative mood swings at bay. It is quick solution in calming the mind and the body when feeling too much pressure or suffering from anxiety, nervousness or stress.
  4. “Mindfulness meditation” means that we can achieve different kinds of benefits, Such as Purification of a being from all defilements, overcoming of sorrow, overcoming of lamentation, overcoming of physical suffering or bodily pain, overcoming of mental suffering or mental pain, attainment of path and fruition knowledge.
  5. Practicing meditation is the state of true peace, happiness, and freedom from all suffering.
  6. Meditation curbs the chances of degradation of the brain. Research proves that there is a strong connection between meditation and intelligence, since it substantially increases the size of a person’s brain.
  7. Apart from basic common diseases, medical research also proves that regular meditation has a positive effect on people suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, and asthma among many others.

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